N3C Data Enclave Training

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N3C Training

Tutorials on the N3C Data Enclave can provide information for researchers to learn about the tools, vocabulary, and resources available within the N3C Data Enclave. Access recorded tutorials.

Live Orientation Sessions

Join a live training session for the N3C Data Enclave! Users of all types can learn how to navigate the N3C, utilize the Enclave and resources it provides, and learn how to better achieve their analytical goals. Sessions are ongoing and will alternate week by week.

Session A is recommended before attending Session B



Session A

This session is for those who want to learn about N3C, as well as how to engage with project teams and access the data.

  • Provide a general overview of N3C, including goals, organization, and community resources such as Domain Teams and Data Liaisons.
  • Introduces the 3 data tiers available and important considerations for research driven by the data harmonization process.
  • Discusses resources for training and help, as well as the Data Use Request (DUR) process required for researcher access.
Alternating Tuesdays | 8-9:30am PT/11am-12:30pm ET
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Session B

This session is for analysts, statisticians, data scientists, or anyone who wants to gain a broader understanding of the tools needed to work with the data.

  • Focus on technical aspects of working with data in the secure N3C Enclave, including use of OMOP concept sets and N3C-specific tooling, such as the Concept Set Browser.
  • Introduce commonly used analysis tools, such as Contour and Code Workbooks and corresponding workflows for simple analyses.
  • Introduce the Enclave Knowledge Store, a mechanism for sharing and using community-developed code and data across projects.
Alternating Tuesdays | 8-9:30am PT/11am-12:30pm ET
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Enclave Training Portal

The N3C Data Enclave now has a Training Portal! (Log in required) Look for it in the training section of the N3C Data Enclave homepage. Material is organized in modules of different kinds, including tutorials, live events, archival recordings, and links to helpful external resources. You can learn about organization of resources and processes within the Enclave, various tools, and techniques for analysis with the OMOP common data model.

Additional Resources External Light

Many of our partners offer training courses that can help you better gain insights from the N3C clinical data. See below for a list of resources that may prove valuable to your COVID-19 research.

Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI)

OHDSI, creators of the OMOP Common Data Model, and the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) have partnered to provide on-demand training resources to help researchers learn more about their tools and standards. N3C recommends completing the OMOP CDM and Standardised Vocabularies course before working in the N3C data enclave.

The Book of OHDSIEHDEN Academy

NCATS Life Course Research Visual Toolkit

The Life Course Visual Toolkit serves to increase knowledge about innovative life course research methods by providing content that is widely available and accessible to researchers across multiple disciplines. The toolkit includes six full-length Webinars designed to advance the process recommendations outlined in , Charting the Life Course: Emerging Opportunities to Advance Scientific Approaches Using Life Course Research. These webinars have also been parsed into shorter 5 – 10 minute videos to accommodate the asynchronous learner.

Toolkit Video Series

NIH Information Security and Information Management Training

NIH provides security training that users must complete before accessing the Enclave. The “2020 Information Security” course consists of 5 required modules: Information Security, Counterintelligence & Insider Threat, Privacy, Records Management, and Emergency Preparedness. (Allow 60-90 minutes to complete all 5 modules.)

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The Palantir Foundry

Palantir offers several training options to registered users within their platform. Users can walk through self-guided training using Palantir Academy, accessible through the "Help & Support" tab. Additional recommendations and tutorials can also be found within the portal under "Documentation". More information can be found after registering and logging in to the portal.

Palantir Blog