N3C Registration Instructions

N3C Circle Logo Thank you for your interest in the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C).

Please follow the steps below to register to N3C:

step 1

Register for membership Register Here

  • The form will collect your profile information (name, email, etc), and provide additional instructions.
step 2

Follow the instructions provided in the form (and detailed below) to gain access to the N3C Team Drive, google groups, Slack, and Calendar/meeting invitations.

  • Applications for membership will be reviewed/approved rapidly during the week, but may extend to 48 hours over weekends. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.
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Details for Workstreams

Provides helpful links for all N3C Workstreams, Subgroups, and Task Teams and includes information about Google Drive, Notes, GitHub repos, etc.

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N3C Researcher Essentials

Contains important information on how to get started, such as N3C Data Enclave registration instructions, links to governance documents, and current DUA signatories.

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N3C Governance Documents

Contains the Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) and other important information such as the OMOP common data specifications.

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NCATS Resources

Visit the NCATS N3C page to find additional governance documents, answers to frequently asked questions, and important resources.



Welcome aboard! Please let us know how we can help improve your collaborative experience with N3C by contacting data2health@gmail.com. Please help us increase the impact of N3C and invite your colleagues to join the collaboration here.


N3C Workstream and Subgroup MAILING LISTS (Google Groups) -- To join the specific mailing lists, apply for membership at the links below:

  Name Google Group Name Google Group Link
Data Ingestion & Harmonization n3c-harmonization@googlegroups.com Join
Data Partnership & Governance n3c-governance@googlegroups.com Join
Phenotype & Data Acquisition n3c-phenotype@googlegroups.com Join
Synthetic Clinical Data n3c-synthetic@googlegroups.com Join
Collaborative Analytics n3c-analytics@googlegroups.com Join
   Portal and Dashboards n3c-portals-dashboards@googlegroups.com Join
   Tools and Resources n3c-tools-resources@googlegroups.com Join
   Clinical Scenarios n3c-clinical@googlegroups.com Join
   Natural Language Processing (NLP) n3c-nlp@googlegroups.com Join