N3C Publicly Available External Datasets

Publicly Available External Datasets

Publicly available datasets (PADs) made openly available for download can be recommended for ingestion into the N3C Data Enclave. To support researchers with this process and to ensure security and privacy within the environment, a formal policy for external data incorporation has been created by N3C and NCATS. All requested datasets will be evaluated in accordance with this policy after submitting a Request for Use and Access form. If approved, the external datasets will be accessible to researchers.

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Browse Ingested Datasets

A list of public datasets that have been ingested into the N3C Data Enclave, along with their associated metadata, can be viewed after logging into the Data Enclave and navigating to the External Dataset entry of the Data Catalog (see the adjacent video for a brief overview of the process). These datasets are available to all N3C Data Enclave users.

View the LIST OF APPROVED DATASETS that can be currently accessed in the N3C Data Enclave.

For a more in-depth tutorial on bringing datasets into your workspace, you can watch Enclave Orientation Session B in the Tutorials section under the Support menu. 

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Request External Dataset Ingestion

If a researcher is interested in an external dataset that is not found within the Enclave or Dataset Explorer, they can request that it be evaluated for ingestion. To submit a dataset for the evaluation process, please visit the CD2H Data Discovery Engine and fill out the form under "Submit Request". You will be required to login through Unified NCATS Authentication (UNA) and provide supplemental information about the dataset itself.

After a submission, the researcher will be notified through email about the results of the evaluation process, and if the dataset is approved, they will be informed on further steps to gain access.

Approval ProcessApproval Process

External Dataset Support

For questions or comments about the dataset access or approval process, please visit the N3C Support Desk and click on "Request Support". When filling out the form, please select "Submitting Data/Data Quality" as the type of issue and an N3C representative will respond with more information.

Please see A Policy Framework for Inclusion of Uploaded Publicly Available External Data Sets in the N3C Data Enclave for more information on access requirements. The document outlines the policy for requesting inclusion of an external dataset, approval for inclusion in the N3C Data Enclave, and request for use of the external dataset once it is available in the Enclave. This policy and process is designed to help manage the privacy and security of the patient data.

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