N3C Registration Checklist

Data Enclave & Data Access Requirements

To expedite the creation of your N3C Data Enclave account, please ensure you have the following items in place.


Confirmation that an executed Data Use Agreement (DUA) exists between your organization and NCATS.

  • If your institution does not have a signed DUA, access a copy of the DUA to be signed by your institution and email it to NCATSPartnerships@mail.nih.gov for counter-signature by NCATS.

Completion of NIH Information Security and Information Management Training

  • Each individual data user must complete only the first course on the list titled: 2020 Information Security consisting of these 5 modules: Information Security, Counterintelligence & Insider Threat, Privacy, Records Management, Emergency Preparedness. (Allow 60-90 minutes to complete all 5 modules inside the first course only.)
  • After completing the 5th module of the 2020 Information Security course (only), a button will appear on the top bar that says "Print Certificate".

 Documentation of completion of Human Subjects Research Protection training in alignment with your institution's policies if you intend to access the de-identified or limited datasets. (This training requirement does not apply to investigators who will only access the synthetic dataset.)

Data Use Request (DUR)

NOTE: Data access requirements may change over time.

To fill out the electronic Data Use Request (DUR) form within the Enclave, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Sufficient information for the Data Access Committee (DAC) to understand the proposed research project and analyses
  • Rationale for the requested level of access needed to conduct the proposed work
  • A generalized outline of anticipated analysis

If requesting access to the limited dataset, a copy of your institution’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) IRB determination letter must be available for uploading.

Account Creation

NOTE: N3C members who previously had accounts for accessing Palantir training will have to re-register for a new N3C Data Enclave account to gain access.

Institutional email address

  • Individual citizen scientists will follow other instructions noted on the registration page.

A smartphone or tablet

Downloaded two-factor authentication app

ORCID ID is required to access the N3C Data Enclave and is used to provide author attribution.


If you experience difficulty with any of these steps, please visit the N3C Support Desk.