Data Ingestion & Harmonization Workstream


Ingest data available in their native formatsPCORnet, i2b2/ACT, OMOP, TriNetXand harmonize the datasets into a common data model (CDM) based on the OMOP 5.3.1 standard to maximize analytics.

Connect with Us:

  1. Onboard to N3C using the link below.
    • In there you will provide your email address. We will add that email address to the CD2H workspace.
    • If you use a different email address for Slack, please send a request to join the CD2H organization using this link.
  2. Go to our workstream Slack channel directly using the link provided below.
    • Login with your Slack credentials.

View workstream details in the GitHub Repository

Office hours are held on Mondays & Thursdays from 9:00-10:00 am PT/12:00-1:00 pm ET to answer data ingestion questions and address issues. (Regulatory paperwork does not have to be complete to attend.) Register here.

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Workstream Leads:

Christopher Chute (Johns Hopkins University)
Register for weekly meetings: Wednesdays 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET


dataset ingress and egress infographic