N3C Data Enclave Access

The N3C Data Enclave is a secure platform through which the harmonized clinical data provided by our contributing members is stored. The enclave includes demographic and clinical characteristics of patients who have been tested for or diagnosed with COVID-19, and further information about the strategies and outcomes of treatments for those suspected or confirmed to have the virus. Additional data from individuals infected with pathogens such as SARS 1, MERS, and H1N1 is also included to support comparative studies. For more information on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, see the N3C Phenotype. See a full list of data elements here. The data is updated from contributing sites at an average interval of twice a week.

Three tiers of access are available for users depending on the scope and nature of their research; however, all will require verification and approval by the Data Access Committee (DAC) before data can be accessed. Data can be accessed only within the N3C Data Enclave and cannot be downloaded or removed. Learn more about the levels of data access on the NCATS N3C Data Overview page.

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First Time Users

Before You Start:

To expedite the creation of your N3C Data Enclave account, please see the Enclave Registration Checklist and have the recommended items in place before beginning the following steps.

step 1

Confirm or Request a Data Use Agreement (DUA) between your Institution and N3C

To access data within the N3C enclave, the Institutional Official (IO) from the user's home institution must sign the Data Use Agreement (DUA) and agree to the terms of service outlined by NCATS and N3C. If a user is not affiliated with an institution, they can work with NCATS directly to register a DUA. A user will not be granted an account until the DUA is received and approved by NCATS. See the list of institutions with active DUAs.

For questions about this step, please contact the N3C Support Desk.

step 2

Register for an N3C Data Enclave Account

Please fill out the N3C registration form and request an enclave account by checking the "Access to the N3C Enclave" box. Once an account has been generated, an email with further instructions will be sent to the email address provided. NOTE: N3C members who previously had accounts for accessing Palantir training will have to re-register for a new N3C Data Enclave account to gain access.

step 3

Log in to the N3C Data Enclave

Once the previous steps have been completed, a user can log in to the N3C Data Enclave and begin the following steps to gain access to the data.

step 4

Submit a Data Use Request (DUR)

Once a user has designed a study and completed the necessary steps for the required data access level, they must complete and submit a Data Use Request (DUR) document within the N3C Data Enclave (Sample DUR). Pending approval and verification of the information, the user will now be able to access data within the enclave in accordance with the data access tier they selected.

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Returning Users

Helpful Reminders

2 factor authentication icon

N3C enclave access requires two-factor authentication. After logging in with your institutional credentials, a prompt will appear to enter a 1-time code from the authenticator app previously downloaded during the registration process (ex. DUO, Free OTP, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator).

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N3C offers several training options to registered users within the platform. Users can walk through self-guided training using Palantir Academy, accessible through the "Help & Support" tab. Additional recommendations and tutorials can also be found within the portal under "Documentation".