How big is the N3C Data Enclave?

The N3C Data Enclave represents one of the largest secure collections of harmonized clinical health data in the United States.



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Who are the Patients?

The N3C Data Enclave contains data both about patients who have had COVID-19 and those who have not. For those who have, further classification of lab-confirmed, suspected, and possible is applied. For more detailed information about the inclusion criteria, please see the N3C Phenotype. Below you can explore the general demographic and severity coverage of the N3C.


Where are they from?

The N3C allows medical sites within the United States to securely transfer anonymized data into the Enclave. The average interval for data transfer from our partners is once a week. To explore the geographic coverage of our current partners, please see the map below.

N3C Contributing Sites

What are Researchers Studying?

N3C projects are internal and user-led initiatives exploring targeted research questions within the N3C Data Enclave. Many projects are affiliated with Domain Teams, which attempt to coordinate related research efforts, enable more efficient collaboration, and provide other support to the researchers who wish to join.

What is the Scholarly Output?

Team science and attribution are central to the N3C's mission. Because of this, N3C strives to create a conducive environment for research publication by providing hands-on assistance during the manuscript preparation process and by highlighting research dissemination in both traditional and non-traditional venues, including academic journals, preprint forums, and public presentations.