Given the rapidly expanding knowledge base surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, COVIDsearch is intended to provide a unified means of searching across available research preprints, publications, and clinical trial information. Where possible, we are indexing the full text (e.g., from bioRxiv preprints) using document analyzers specifically created for biomedical terminology. Complex queries are allowed, using & for a logical "and", and | for a logical "or". Hence, "covid-19 & (nitric oxide gas | ventilated)" as a query will return results mentioning covid-19 and either nitric oxide gas or ventilated. Search results can be further constrained by selecting "drill down" choices on the left side of the screen. Clicking a red x on a drill-down choice removes that constraint.

Note: Terminology use in this corpus is extremely variablefor example, COVID, COVID19, COVID-19 and COVID-2019 all exist as discrete terms in various documents. We suggest using COVID* (the asterisk is a wildcard) which will match all of these and similar wildcarding for other such terms. Also note that the search function is case insensitive, so no wildcarding is necessary for SARS-CoV-2 vs. SARS-COV-2; therefore, from a processing perspective, they are the same query.